Compositions inspired by sonic spaces, environments, journeys, experiences and stories.

Film soundtracks, working closely with sound design to provide an immersive sonic world.

Ambisonic (360 Surround) compositions, using native ambisonic recordings and encoded material.

All examples composed, performed and recorded by Bethan Kellough, working with strings, field recordings, sound design and electronics. Copyright Bethan Kellough and Published by Field Orchestra unless otherwise stated. Contact for licensing.


Samples from recent work 

Film Score Cue Samples


“Low” and “Vision” from Aven in Tim Sessler’s WOLAKOTA.

WOLAKOTA from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.




Descending Shadows: featured in “Each Morning of the World” Series

Listen here



Aven released on Touch, 26th August 2016. Published by Touch. More details and available to purchase here

Listen to “Vision” from Aven:

Front Cover


Krafla Geothermal Power Station/Hverir, Iceland June 2014. August 2014. Ambisonic installation work for looped playback in gallery space. Listen below to a stereo mix of the work.


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