Crater Lake National Park Artist-in-Residence Program

The residency has been moved to Fall 2021, and will involve making recordings in the Park for a composition to be produced later in the year. There will also be a public listening event scheduled during the residency.

More to follow in September 2021.

USF Bergen Artist-in-Residence

I was artist-in-residence at USF Bergen in Norway from October to December 2016. I was able to spend time at Lydgalleriet developing an ambisonic version of Aven, which was presented at the Ekko Festival in Bergen in November. I was also invited to NOTAM in Oslo for 3 days to use their ambisonic suite, and I spent the time there listening to and editing some of the recordings I had made in Norway. The recording below was made just outside of Lærdalsøyri on the south side of the Sognefjord. I visited the location in December as the temperature warmed after a period of temperatures below freezing, and was surrounded by melting ice. I decided to travel there after visual artist Michael Cina used an old postcard from the area in one of his works that I saw just before leaving for the residency. I enjoy making the most of things that nudge me in the direction of a place that I may not otherwise have explored.

Huge thanks go to Trond Lossius for his help and support during the residency. Thanks to USF Bergen, Line Nord and also the wonderful community of artists and musicians in Bergen.