My practice based research originates with the idea of opening out spaces with sound.

“Auditory space … is a sphere without fixed boundaries, space made by the thing itself, not space containing the thing… not pictorial space, boxed-in, but dynamic, always in flux, creating its own dimensions moment by moment”

Carpenter and MacLuhan, “Acoustic Space”, 67.

I am interested in the ways in which sounds articulate, reveal and imply spaces, and my research draws upon phenomenological thinking about sound and spatial experience to inform my compositional and recording practices.

In a listening which does not leap over tones, voices, sounds to the sources where they might stem from, listeners will sense tones, voices, sounds as modifications of their own space of being. Human beings who listen in this way are dangerously open; they release themselves into the world and can therefore be struck by acoustic events. Lovely tunes can lead them astray, thunderclaps can shatter them, scratching noises can threaten them, a cutting tone can damage them.”[2]

Böhme, “Acoustic Atmospheres,” 18.

– Masters Dissertation is published here

PhD (Creative practice, Sonic Arts) Thesis/Commentary is published here