freq_wave trajectory 1: North Sea to Red Sea now live on Ocean Archive

Access the mixer for trajectory 1 HERE

freq_wave is a rogue wave: unpredictable, sudden and impacting with tremendous force. 

freq_wave: seven seas” begins 23rd May 2020 with the first oceanic trajectory featuring the work of 12 sound artists and artist groups united in a monster wave to bring oceanic creativity to the fore. The first in a series of seven releases, meandering around the trajectories of TBA21–Academy’s latest long-term research commission, Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation, explores the aquatic sounds of the trajectory North Sea to Red Sea, highlighting the hidden ecosystems of the Ocean through a web-based sound installation to call attention to the threatened soundscapes of the sea.

freq_wave: seven seas” is a collaborative sound project unleashing 84 rouge sound artists for the Ocean. Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff , co-curated by Alonso Vázquez and commissioned by TBA21-Academy, the project will gradually unfold on the online platform Ocean Archive.

We are the first frequency
Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen
@massiftrophies (BJ Nilsen)
@melodyastruth (Jonny Nash) and Esmee Geerken,
@prehberg68 on Twitter (Peter Rehberg)

Join us on the Ocean Archive and #UnleashTheFreq for a living Ocean!

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