Bethan Kellough is a composer and sound artist based in Los Angeles. Her EP “Aven”, released on Touch in 2016, combines her field recordings with strings, sound design and electronics, and has been described as “a film you watch with your ears” (Tiny Mix tapes), a “divine debut” (Boomkat), and “earthy and fantastical” (Norman Records)”.

Educated at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, Kellough was awarded a PhD in Sonic Arts in 2015, researching immersive sound-worlds, spatial aesthetics and the interactions between sonically and visually articulated spaces. Her work includes compositions, multichannel installations, film soundtracks, and ambisonic field recording, inhabiting the boundaries between music and sound design.

She has exhibited and performed internationally including at Ekko Festival, Norway; Gallery of Russian Art and Design, UK; Touch Conference, U.S.A; Borealis Festival, Norway; Jardins Efemeros, Portugal; The Global Composition, Germany; Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, UK; Sound Thought, UK; and in 2015 she joined the Touch Mentorship Programme.